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calculate stockpile volumes against imported base surface

I am trying to calculate the volumes of a few stockpiles that are on an incline plane (which is very common) but the stockpiles are up against a wall so i cant triangulate the entire pile (also very common).

I have tried to make a simplified base surface that takes this incline into account and export/import it but i cant use it as a base surface to calculate individual piles. Calculating the imported surface will include the entire surface which is useless. Am i doing something wrong here or is the software again lacking in simple functionality?

It’s much easier to calculate volumes in other software. Pix4D, for the most part, does a great job of drone photogrammetry, but it’s not a mapping software. Once I have a point cloud and raster products, I use other software for analysis and final deliverables. Why don’t you use ArcGIS? It’s extremely easy to calculate the volume between two surfaces.

Any complicated volume calculations i do in civil 3d or other software, but it is a considerably more time consuming workflow than making simple volume calculations directly in the photogrammetry software.


To calculate the volume in your case, you need to know the base altitude above or below the surface of the Densified 3D Point Cloud.
Please follow the instructions that you can find in this article:
How to calculate a Volume from a specific Base Altitude.
Let me know if this article fits your needs or if you need more information.


This could be an actually useful workaround, i may try this next time. Thank you :blush:

I’m glad you found this suggestion helpful.
Let us know if you are getting satisfactory results.