Measuring a pile on a hill

I am attempting to measure a pile that was put in a hole in the side of a hill. So Part of a hill was dug out, that material was crushed and put back in the hole. So 3 sides of the pile butt up to a hill. I want to measure the volume, but PIX4D measures from the side of the hill and not the bottom of the pile.

How can I add a plane for the bottom of the pile and have PIX4D measure from the plane to the top of the pile?

Hi Ben1,
PIX4Dmapper allows you to choose different base surfaces for this type of application.

If the boundary is partially hidden, it is recommended to select:

  • Align with Lowest Point , if the terrain is relatively flat.

If the boundary is completely hidden, e.g. in the case of a box full of a material, it is recommended to select:

  • Custom Altitude , if the base surface is relatively flat and its altitude is known.

If the vertices of the base surface are known:

I don’t have a base surface, the align with lowest point and custom altitude create a level plane at a certain elevation. I want to create a plane that is not level or at one elevation.

Hi ben1,
You can add a 3D base surface (shapefile) to calculate the volume. This 3D polygon can be at any angle and at any elevation. The article below describes how to import the surface. Ultimately you need to create that surface first in order to import it into Mapper.