stockpile measurments

Hello everyone
we have a project for stockpile measurements for a land with area equal=0.1 km2
we will photographed it weekly
the question is how can I measure the difference volume between two surface and what is the accuracy for this volume?


Hi suhaib,
There are a couple different methods to set your base surface. The article below describes the different vector based surfaces.

However if your base surface is a raster then you will want to look at a 3rd party software such as QGIS or ArcGIS to run the calcuations.

As for accuracy, this will come down to your ground sampling distance. Generally, the expected accuracy of a correctly reconstructed and precisely georeferenced project is:

1-2 x GSD horizontally (X,Y coordinates).
1-3 x GSD vertically (Z coordinate).

Thanks Mike
if my GSD=3cm what is that means in volume accuracy?

Generally 3cm GSD is very good. If you are measuring a large stockpile then the error will be very minimal. If you are measuring something that is very small then the error will be greater. How big is your stockpile?

Hello mike
we will photograph the area weekly, so there is a small amount in first photographs I don’t know what is the amount but lets say if its volume about .5 million cubic meter what is the accuracy for this?, and I have another question there is any difference if we use GCPs in calculations?

Hi suhaib,
Many top mining companies claim that by applying the photogrammetry workflow with Pix4Dmapper, they can achieve measurement accuracies of around 2-5% for their stockpile volumes. This would include the use of GCPs as it will keep both your absolute and relative accuracies as high as possible. I have also attached a PDF that describes how mining companies are using PIX4D for stockpile measurements. I believe this could be helpful for you.
BLOG_drone-mining-stockpile-volume-pix4dmapper.pdf (475.7 KB)