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Volumetric Accuracy of stocks

Hi, Iv been asked to work out a volumetric accuracy for some stocks. Could some one point me in the correct direction?

I’m sure the answer is in the quality report but im not sure.


You should look at the Total volume error in Pix4Dmapper Volume tab as in the example below:

Pix4Dmapper estimates the error of a volume calculation. The degree of error within the volume calculations depends on the spatial resolution of the GSD. Therefore, based on the GSD you have in your project, the volume error will be calculated.

  1. To calculate the error of a volume, the error for each cell of the volume has to be computed first.
  • Each cell has X, Y, Z direction. The errors on the X and Y direction is estimated to be 0 but for Z is 1,5 times the GSD.
  • As each cell of the volume base has the error on the X and Y direction - 0, the width and the length is equal to the GSD.
  • Therefore:

Ei [the volume error of one cell] = GSD * GSD * 1.5 * GSD.
Read more in Error estimation in volume calculation.

Volume error of a cell.

  1. Once the error for each cell is known, the error of the Cut, Fill, and Total volume is computed by summing the error of each cell.
    Total Volume error = Cut Volume error + Fill Volume error

Cut Volume [units3]: Volume that is above the volume base.
Fill Volume [units3] : Volume that is below the volume base.
Total Volume [units3] : Total Volume = Cut volume + Fill volume.

I hope my answer helps you understand the calculation which in detail you can find in our articles: