Real Volume Calculation / Crosssection between Pointclouds

It would be cool if the user could calculate the Volume difference between two pointclouds / meshes defined on a polygone or to get crosssections from two Pointclouds.
The normal Volume Calculation on one data set is very limited and with the Timeline and compare function it should be also possible to implement such function.

There is a volume comparison option that allows compare volumes on different dates.
You can see how it works here: Pix4D - Video Tutorial - Compare two volume measurements with Pix4Dcloud Advanced - YouTube
Probably, it is not exactly what you need but it can help you.
We take note of your feature request anyway.

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Thank you. i will check this but i do not think to get a difference map like this, or the statistics. And this is a easy GIS Approach with 4 Tools.

This is a feature I would really apricate as well. My clients have requested something like this on multiple occasions. The application for me would be visualizing the grading progress over a whole site between two capture dates. I understand there is a volume comparison tool that @Daniel_Rico_Cordero described but that output is just a basic spreadsheet that isn’t useful for this purpose hardly at all. The DroneDeploy cut/fill report doesn’t accomplish this but at least it outputs a nice looking report that can compare two stockpiles for example. I look forward to seeing if this feature becomes available in the future as I imagine there are plenty who would use it.