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Volume difference between two 3D maps in exact same section

I’m trying to calculate volume difference between two 3D maps in exact same section.
I’m considering to use Cloudcompare to calculate the volume difference.
Is there anyone who knows better tools to do the work? or Is there better way to do it in Pix4Dmapper?
Please give me any comment in your experience, I will really appreciate it.

Thanks for your time:)


Thank you for your message.
Which Pix4D product are you using?

With PIX4Dmapper you can create polygons that you can use to calculate volumes:

You can subsequently export the polygon used for calculating the volume and use it for other 3D maps in the same area of interest:

Once you have your volume in different moments in time, you can compare using a spreadsheet.

If you use PIX4Dcloud Advanced, you can assign all the projects to the same time and you can automatically compare the volumes for the same polygon in different moments in time: