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Cut and fill software

Hi guys/gals,

I am looking for any software that I can use my process cloud point data to calculate cut and fill for civil works. Does anyone know any software for this?. 


You could calculate cut and fill volumes with Pix4Dmapper Pro or Pix4D BIM. Here is how this can be done:

Is this what you are looking for or are you looking for something else?

Pix4D can measure volumes fairly well, but as far as I know it isn’t able to compare the same area and the changes for that area of both cut and fill as separated data without you outlining those cut and fill areas separately and then manually to compere the data with the next data sets. However doing this manually as quit a lot of work and its mostly guess work where the exact cut and fill area actually lies . The only way to do this more accurately is to export both the DTM.tif files from each survey over into another software that is able to compare the two terrain DTM layers such as Globalmapper is able to do and that is able to output the cut and fill as separate data.  This is sadly a function I see as quite lacking in Pix4D. 

Thanks for sharing your workflow John. GlobalMapper seems to be a good next step once the DTMs were created in Pix4D software. In my current understanding GlobalMapper will compute all differences between the two DTMs. How do you make sure to have the right data for your area of interest? Your insights on the workflow are appreciated!

It is true that the current workflow to compare volumes in Pix4D software still requires some manual work. I commented on this in another post: