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Inconvenientes con el procesamiento (Paso I)

Buenas tardes:

Hemos tenido inconvenientes al procesar el paso I de un área que ha sido cubierta con un vuelo de aproximadamente 3000 imágenes. 

Se trata de un área con vegetación, cuyo solapes empleados son del 70% (longitudinal) y 80% transversal a la dirección del vuelo.

Agradeceríamos su ayuda. Tenemos a disposición los 3 reportes de los 3 procesamientos diferentes que hemos hecho.

Aguardo sus comentarios y desde ya le agradezco mucho.








Saudações. Poderia disponibilizar os relatórios e prints das telas?


Buen día Daniel. Hay alguna posibilidad de adjuntar los archivos en formato .pdf?


Podemos tentar…

Por favor, podrías indicarme cómo hacer para enviarte los reportes en formato .pdf?

Desculpas, mande para:

Hi Florence and Daniel, 

Could one of you please make the quality reports available with a file sharing service such as Dropbox or Google Drive? 

Also, could you please describe the issue in more details, I’m not sure to understand what the issue is based on the description above. Screenshots could help (you can copy/paste them into the comment box to display them). 


Hi Pierangelo,

I have shared the quality reports in Google Drive. Here is the link:

All the options we have used gave us bad results. It´s an area covered with vegetation.

Best regards,




Thanks for sharing the three quality reports. 

The main issue seems to be that there are several blocks that get created in the project. Otherwise, there are some uncalibrated cameras, but these are mostly from one line that went diagonally through the project and from some images on the borders:


Here only two blocks are created. If we look at where they were created, we see that these can be fixed by adding a few manual tie points (MTPs) between the two blocks and Process > Reoptimize (see here: :%C2%A0)


Here there is a large amount of blocks because the “Accurate Geolocation and Orientation” calibration method was used. This constrains the position and orientation of the camera and resulted in the software not being able to connect different areas. 


Here the difference I could spot with the first project was that the first project has the “geometrically verified matching” option selected, which seems to have improved the results. 

Please post updates if you tried to add MTPs in in the project with two blocks, or if there is another issue with the project you would like to discuss. 


Thanks for you help.

May you give us any recommendations based on the kind of flight we have done to consider in the future?

Best regards,



You’re welcome. For the type of flight, as the area seems to be covered by a forest, I would refer you to the flight plan and recommendations described in “forest and dense vegetation” from this article: