Importing DXF - distortion / rotation issue

We are having problems when importing dxf’s as a Design Overlay.
When uploaded - the data seems to be rotated/distorted.
I have tried many fixes, for example, explode, make it into a single block, purging, flattening again to make sure as I know they are only supported in 2d - no joy…

Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

Thanks !

Hi @jhawkins

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When uploaded - the data seems to be rotated/distorted.

You can find out how to solve these issues in the following article. How to georeference, scale and rotate a DXF file using AutoCAD

I know they are only supported in 2d

Yes, for now, we only support 2D DXF, but this will change soon. We are currently working to support 3D DXF viewing. We will be announcing this release in the next article: Technical release notes - PIX4Dcloud / PIX4Dcloud Advanced
I hope this information has been useful to you.

Contact us through a support ticket if you still have questions or concerns.

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jhawkins - Try saving a copy of your DWG file with NO projection set. “undefined”. Then, do a DXFOut and try that.

I was seeing the same issue with some of the drawings I was using and one of our surveyors recommended I try with no projection set in CAD. That fixed the rotation issue I was seeing.

Hi all,

Just to inform that we are fixing this issue. I will post here as soon as it is ready.

The shift is related to the coordinate system transformation from project coordinate system to Web Mercator that is needed to show the DXF on top of the map in the 2D view.

Some workarounds:

Sorry for the inconvenience, it will be fixed soon.

Here are the 2x workaround we’re using while Pix4d works to resolve the issue. (approx 50% of our DXF exports work as is, with the other half requiring some kind of workaround). I know that no one likes having to rely on workarounds, but the Global Mapper approach is very simple and only takes a minute or two…if you can’t afford to wait for Pix4d to resolve the problem. For what it’s worth, Global Mapper is very affordable and wildly useful, if you don’t have it already.

A. Civil3D approach (works some times)
Verify units (usFt / iFt / M) set correctly. If coordinate system/projection are set, clear them.
1.) Run Recover/Repair on drawing.
2.) Delete all paper-space tabs.
3.) Bound all x-refs.
4.) Purge all unused data in drawing including Civil 3D Styles.

B. Global Mapper approach (works every time, but occasionally weird issues with some text and symbols)
Load DWG in Global Mapper (using screenshotted settings). Export right back out to DXF (using screenshotted settings).


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Thank you Derrick for the detailed workarounds!