Importing DXF Features, which restrictions apply?

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For a few months, Pix4Dcloud Advanced allows the import of DXF features which are then displayed in the 2D view.

I tried to create a very simple point feature in Global Mapper, exported it as DXF and imported it into Pix4Dcloud. I do see the label but no symbol whatsoever. Importing the same file into an empty Global Mapper project works fine.

Are there any restrictions in respeect to DXF import, apart from what’s explained here:


Hi Reto,

Could you please send us the DXF and the project id (if you have it) so we can review it? As a limitation I can tell you that objects such as legends, labels with text, etc. are not supported.

I am looking forward to your answer.

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Hi Heydi

I’m attaching 2 files which I had to rename to .txt to allow the upload. Please rename back.

The .geojson file (converted to WGS84) can be uploaded as an annotation, which works well. One can even define attributes like “name” and “description” which then are properly assigned to the respective fields.

The dxf file also works, it it turns out. The symbol and the text were so tiny though that I didn’t recognize them on the map with the ortho. I apologize. Maybe there are some restrictions or recommendations you could publish, what’s supposed to be properly displayedas DXF features.

Project Link: PIX4Dcloud

Hi @pixmap_operations

We have some recognized limitations for DXFs. The files that are imported into PIX4Dcloud must meet the following characteristics:
1 - The DXF must be in the same project coordinate system in PIX4Dcloud, otherwise it will not appear aligned with the orthomosaic.
2 - The DXF should not cover more area than the one defined by the orthomosaic because when the bounding box the DXF is much larger than the one defined by the outputs it may not show aligned.
3- Some DXF objects are not supported as legends.

I hope this information has been useful to you.

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Thanks a lot Heydi, that helps.