Enhanced support for DXF overlays spanning large areas.

The new PIX4Dcloud Advanced version released on January 22nd 2024 includes some enhancements to better support the DXF overlay.

As some users informed us, DXF files covering a large area were sometimes shifted in the 2D view and not well aligned with the ortho and DSM.
With this new implementation, the DXF files should always be loaded in the right position without any displacement.

Important information: for those users with projects with shifted DXF files, they should be imported back again in order to have them fix in the project.

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Hi Daniel

Where can I find a specification which properties of imported DXF features ar actually used (by PIX4Dcloud) and which properties are ignored. For example, (how) can I define the color and line width of 3D-lines, is it possible to customize labels (text font, color and and size), etc…

I just imported some contours which worked quite well, however, they appear in black in 2D (instead of yellow as in 3D) and the labels are tiny, barely visible. How can I improve that?

Kind regards

Hello Reto,

Some limitations of DXF viewing are summarized in the following article:

I hope this information helps you.

Dont hesitate to reach out if you have further feedback.

Best regards

Hi Heydi

I read the article again but cannot find any details about which features/properties are actually evaluated when importing a DXF file.

I made a brief example and imported 2 points and 2 lines into dataset 1565208:

  • the lines are visible in 2D and 3D
  • lines in 2D always appear in black, in 3D they are correctly colored
  • the points are visible in 3D only, by their label

It’s kind of try and error, unless it’s clear which properties are supported and which are ignored.
Am I missing something?


PS: I’m attaching the DXF file as TXT, please rename before use.
points_and_lines_RENAME_TO_DXF.txt (83.4 KB)