Identification of evasive species

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Just a question, can I use rgb imagery to identify evasive species on a farm ? Or must I have a multispectral drone

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You can use the TGI index for weed detection in fallow. We have seen it works quite well.

Later, you can run the magic tool over this index. Let me mention that in the next release PIX4Dfields 2.5, you will be able to create a detection using the index histogram thresholds, which opens a whole new chapter for these use cases.

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I got a customer who has a game farm, it’s not cultivated farmland, his wild life is eating Inkberry and Lantana evasive plants and dying, he wants me to scan and map the farm identifying these 2 evasive plants, so we can spray and remove them

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Renier Jonker

I would actually also love to hear more about this.

I have clients who would like to target Blackberry and St Johns Wort so they can be effectively mapped and sprayed via drone. Most of these properties are only cleared to a certain extent for grazing cattle and sheep and are on reasonably steep hilly terrain.

Wondering if there is a solution that exists whereby Ai could identify these invasive species from a drone created map rather than manually trying to find every one.

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Harry Morrow


that should work, we have a video about that example on our YouTube channel:

If the plants can be spotted from the air there is a good chance it will work.