How to upload a mesh from ContextCapture?


ContextCapture, like many other photogrammetry tools, mostly create tiled 3D-meshes. However, Pix4Dcloud seems to not accept multiple tiles to be uploaded. As far as I understand, there must be exactly one .obj, one .mtl, one. jpg and one file.

Does anyone know a tool, allowing to merge multiple mesh tiles (.obj or .fbx or any other format) to one file / set of files? Using MeshLab I’m able to save as one Mesh (.obj, .mtl) but the texture file (.jpg) is still split up into tiles.


Hi Reto

I have the same issue. Hove you found a solution.

Hi @Samuel_Van_eldik
Unfortunately I didn’t find a solution, to be honest.
Best, Reto

Thank you