How to import an area of interest polygon in the Pix4DCapture app IOS version?


I would like to know why it hasn’t being implamanted yet, the add KMZ KML file to the pix4dcapture in ios version?


Main reason i nead to fly a corridor and to plan the mission i need to know precisely where  my boundaries are. The base map is good but its to much trouble to plan guessing and finding features in the imagery or another base map.

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We have very few cases on iOS related to missing or outdated background. It is not planned so far to have the .kml / .kmz import on iOS, because the default map provider (MapKit) seems to be sufficient. Note that switching from satellite to street base map may help to adjust the flight plan.

Could you perhaps give more information why this feature would be useful? Is it because the base map is not accurate enough? Note that importing a .kml file means that you draw the boundaries using Google Earth application as described on this article for Android. Would Google Earth data be more accurate than the base map in Pix4Dcapture iOS?

Or would you like to prepare the flight plan on a computer before importing it into Pix4Dcapture?

We can report your need as a suggestion for future development of the app, but more information would help to better understand.

I can’t speak for the original poster, but for me, I would definitely like to have the ability to pre-plan a flight on a computer with a much more precise mouse than to be forced to use the ipad touch screen.

Also, not to hijack this thread/post, But I have not seen a way to save a flight plan on iOS.  That would be very useful as well and goes along with wanting to import a Google Earth polygon as a boundary fro the flight.



Hi Julie / Pix4D Team,

I’m in a situation where i need both the kml import capability and also the save flight plan capability Cliff mentioned. The reason for these requests is that I consult to various mine sites and provide tech support (and Pix4DMapper data processing) for their mine site based drone operations. The mines change rapidly so background image almost always out of date and of limited use. They send me their polygon and I flight / control plan the job for them and dropbox the plan(s) back to them. They then simply upload the entire flight plan folder onto their tablet and fly the job knowing it fits their area of interest, all the capture parameters are taken care of and fit with the optimised ground control layout.

This is our current workflow with the Android based system and it works great except for the very poor app stability on Nexus 7 Gen 2 tablet. This instability is a major problem and the main reason I’m even looking at the IOS alternative. I also really like the white balance and polygon mission features that have not yet made their way in to the Android version. 

Sorry for introducing yet more variations on this thread. Any advice you can give would be very much appreciated.

Cheers Michael


@Cliff, @Michael

About saving flight plans and duplicate flights, you can follow this thread that is dedicated to these features that could be available by the end of August: (iOS) Saving planned mission.

I reported your need for desktop planning. This is something also part of our current pipeline.


Thank you for all the details you provided regarding the.kml / .kmz import on iOS. The most important need seems indeed related to remote and recently updated areas and to accurate flight boundaries defined with geographical coordinates.

The polygon flight will come later an Android, please follow the main thread for more information: (Android) Polygonal mission.

Regarding the white balance option, you simply change the option in DJI GO (4) as it will be applied when flying with Pix4Dcapture. In the future, we are considering integration more camera settings directly in our app to simplify the procedure.

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The reason why I would like to see this in Pix4d is for the fact that a fly a lot of jobsites in remote areas. I use KMLs in Maps made easy so I know my boundary of where to fly my first flight, if  I don’t, I’m just guessing where to draw a box and hopes it gets the area. I won’t know this until I do a full process of it back at the office and compare it to the CAD work.


In regard to: **"cliff planck**July 25, 2017 08:07

I can’t speak for the original poster, but for me, I would definitely like to have the ability to pre-plan a flight on a computer with a much more precise mouse than to be forced to use the ipad touch screen."

I completely agree that it would be of great benefit to have flight planning available on a desktop platform.  This should also be coupled with a cloud-based sync option.  In other words, I should be able to log on to the P4D cloud and see all of my flight data.  In this way, someone back at my office can generate a new flight plan and sync it to the cloud.  I can then see it in the field and load the new flight plan (assuming an internet connection is present on the device).  This would also allow for an option to sync those files with a logging software to keep a running flight log.  Multiple crews, using the same P4D sign-in, would all have a central depository for information.  This would create a much more efficient workflow between data acquisition in the field, and data processing (cloud/desktop).

Another issue with the software that should be resolved ASAP is the lack of a resume option that would allow me to change batteries without having to start the mission over.  At the very least, there should be an option to display previous flights indefinitely so that I know what has been surveyed, and what has not.  The previous flight remains visible (assuming the software doesn’t require a reboot) so that the next flight can be planned, but I have not found a way to keep the data visible after the next mission is started.

Speaking specifically to the iOS platform while using the DJI Phantom 4 Pro, if I switch to the DJI app at any point during the mission, no more pictures are taken.  The Phantom continues to fly the mission, but does not take any more photos.

Lastly, it would be great if I could plan a flight using existing elevation data, similar to what I can do with the Sensefly platform.  At the very least, if I could load a .kml flight plan as a flight line with elevation data (vs a polygon), that would help significantly.  I need to be able to fly at a consistent altitude above terrain to have a consistent ground resolution.  In areas where there is significant geographic relief, it is difficult to get good data without this ability.  This creates a problem when trying to create a bare earth model.



+1 for the feature on our side based on your input :).


Thank you for adding your comment in this thread about the web desktop planning.

As for the resume option, it will come soon together with the multi-battery flight, probably before end of September. The previous flights will also be visible in a project.

If you switch to DJI GO, it will interrupt the continuity of the mission as only one app should be running at the same time. Indeed, the SDK (what allows the communication between the drone’s firmware and an app) cannot interact with both at the same time. Therefore it is essential to make sure DJI GO is not running in the background especially after connecting the device to the drone.

Regarding the elevation data, we reported the need for the terrain awareness / following feature that would keep the distance to the ground surface constant to have the same GSD all over the area.

I would like to +1 for the ability to import KML/KMZ files into iOS. I know this feature is available on android but then the android version is only able to fly rectangles.


I would like to import kml so that I can exactly know the boundaries of the project and having it on the pix4d capture will allow me to easily adjust flight plans depending on the shape and size of the map as well as the terrain.

I can also import kml/kmz of high structures so I can avoid them on my flight plan.

Come on, you added it android because it is really helpful in planning. :slight_smile:


Please add it on iOs as well. :smiley:


KML usage is a must add. 


The image Pix4d provide can catch up the actual condition. Some place change everyday, like mining area, construction area, forest clearing etc.

I use kml to get the precise AOI.

I think Pix4d team can use drone deploy method, Import kml from pc and sync it with the app in I Pad or use DJI GSpro method that using server IP addres. But if you have simplest method and dont have to internet acces, that better.

Please add it as soon as possible 


Was it updated? I really need this feature to fly in the Amazon, where the background map is not sufficient. 


This is a feature that we really would like added to Pix4D.  We are a mining company with multiple mine sites, multiple users and no background map is ever accurate, the ground changes daily here.  If we had the ability to import polygons into Pix4D for our areas we want to scan, directly from our planning software, this would be hugely beneficial to us.  Currently we waste a lot of time setting up new projects as we have to physically walk to the corners of the scan areas, access is not always easy.


I agree with those above asking for .kmz importing for planning the flight boundaries on ios and also multi battery/ flight support. I do my flights of construction sites and they are always changing. As of now I have to walk the entire perimeter I want to capture while watching my blue location dot to make sure I will get the whole site in my polygon. I would use my 3rd party software to generate a boundary based on my plans. Also, some sites are too big to fit on one battery and its very frustrating to not be able to get it all, often times I will push the limit and crash because of low battery. Also as someone else said if I minimize the app sometimes the picture taking becomes disrupted. 



I endorse the request for KML import. Also, I would like to recommend the following upgrades. I am a farmer and owner of real estate (mostly fields, mining sites etc) hence I need to map larger areas and often repeatedly. I have both Android tablet and iPad and the iPad is much more stable (no interference with DJI Go app) and hence I use iPad or iPhone all the time. 

1- ability to change battery and resume mission. 

2- ability to import shapefiles. My fields have shapes often not visible in terrain and there are many of them, hence the ability to get better oriented on the map saves a lot of time. Map Pilot (Maps Made Easy can do it).

3- ability to see multiple projects/past flights on the map - same benefits as above.

4- ability to plan on PC and then sync with the mobile app. 


Hi everyone and @Julie,

I’m writing in this post to join the request of adding KML import in the mobile app (iOS). This feature really need to be added.


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Yes, we need this feature also, here at Cochise County we need to utilize our GIS Parcel Geometry for planned missions to accurately cover our area. if we have certain parcels to cover we can only guess as to where they are based on physical objects ie…houses or buildings etc… on the ground. we have the ability within our GIS to export kml files that would include parcel geometry and other layers .it would be nice to have that file loaded into Pix4d. 


Unfortunately I had to migrate to other software that has the posibilitie of importing KML or shapes in order to have a better flight plan.

I think this feature is essential in areas where the basemap is poor or insuficient.

Other Apps manage this feature and that’s why I’m no longer using Pix4D for flight and mission planning.

Best regards,



I am reporting your needs to our app product managers so it increases the priority of this feature. Thank you for sharing your feedback!

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