How to import an area of interest polygon in the Pix4DCapture app IOS version?

Definitely need to add the option to import kml/kmz files for mission planning!!


The background mapping is not alway up to date, nor is the clarity clear, sometimes there are clouds covering the location in the imagery!


Please implement!



I use parrot disco, not supported on Android, where kml import is available.

I fly on big areas , periodically, and need multiple flights, where i merge the projects. Therefore there should be some overlap between each flight, and i have to optimize the area (touch pad is not the best option). Also, the MTP’S for merging projects are on the borders, so is a big trouble for me.


Thanks in advaned


I work for a rural municipality and we do a lot of work in remote areas, and the imagery provided in the Pix4D Capture app is cloudy/grainy/outdated, and it’s very difficult to actually see what we will be capturing.


I would love to be able to pre-plan my flight in the office, using predefined boundaries, and just import it into the app, or to be able to use a multi-battery flight and define a large area to make sure that our flight captures the area that we need. 


Both of these features are not present on the iOS app, and it makes it really frustrating trying to utilize it out in the field.


@Gerardo @Eric

Even if we do not systematically reply in this thread, we track the activity of the post and we report the suggestions to the Pix4Dcapture product manager.


Hi pix4d developer team

We feel alot of help can be done in the field when we used additional import kml data in android,
We need this tool also in ios , can you made this kml tools for ios available soon please


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i just used dronedeploy on ios, for my phantom 3, i could import kml,and it worked perfectly.


can’t understand how pix4d, developed such an amazing photogrammetry software, but they haven’t done relevant progress on the flight plan software in some years.

This would be really helpful. We fly a mine monthly and conditions are constantly changing. Using very recent ortho images would be a huge help! Also to be able to define the flight area on this project or others in the office would really speed up field data collection. 

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Please implement “import kml/kmz shape” in ios devices! For my company it was the most useful feature on Android devices, now we moved to ios and the lack of import feature draw us back!!! We plan missions in google earth then export it in kml format, after we import it to pix4d capture on android.

Most of the users will be very pleased to see this feature in future update. Looking forward fir it!


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It’s not easy to understand how Pix4D Capture on Android devices has this feature and on the other hand, we have to keep wrtiting in this post in order to ask for the same feature in Appe devices.

As I have said before, since I migrated to Apple I started using other software (DroneDeploy) that can import shapes/kml and works perfectly. However, it’s a pitty that such a good App as Pix4D Capture lacks of this important feature.


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Add +1 to the list of users that urgently need a kml import function in the iOS version of Pix4Dcapture…or even better: release a pause/resume function in the Android version that’s as convenient as the one that was released with the last iOS update!


Hi Julie/Pix4D, 


This thread has been active for almost a year and the desire to import KML into ios every since I started flying drones.  Do you have an ETA on the update?


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Hi All,

Thank you for the feedback. I would like to reassure you that we follow this topic even if we do not reply to every single comment. 

As much as we would like to release the .kml/.kmz feature, we are also subjected to constant changes in the market and aim to support the latest SDK and drones. This is why development of some features can get postponed or put on-hold. 

The information I have at the moment is that the .kml/.kmz import feature is not included in the short-term plan but we are checking the options to include it. This is why also cannot give any ETA of when/if it will be implemented. 


Thank you for understanding,


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Hi There,

as all the many other IOS users I’m obviously interested in knowing when (if) the IOS version will have the capability to load kml/kmz files. I also would like to give some suggestion if I may. The way you can upload kml files with Android version is not really convenient. An online method would be much more user friendly. I would suggest to look at other software such as Drone Deploy, where you can plan and save the missions on the desktop version and you automatically find the mission in the mobile version. That could also simplify the work/updates for the ios and Android versions. Thanks


@KoKok @Thomas @Iado @Ekrem @Steve @Giacomo

I have made note of all of your individual comments and have passed them to the Pix4Dcapture product manager for review. We have been actively monitoring this thread and recording your additional comments as they have come in. Although we may not directly comment on every individual response, we do review posts and pass on the appropriate information to our development team. Thank you for taking the time to express your interest in this additional feature, we truly appreciate it. 


Adding the ability to import a KML boundary into Pix4Dcapture as a visual reference while planning missions will be considered as part of the ongoing development of Pix4Dcapture for iOS. Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee if, or when, Pix4Dcapture for iOS will support importing KML polygons. We currently cannot confidently give an ETA when/if this will be available.


An intuitive web-based mission planner would be a very useful tool when planning Pix4Dcapture missions. I have made note of this additional feature and will forward it to our product manager. As you have stated, this method would be very convenient and ideal for office-based mission planning. 


We would also benefit greatly from being able to use a KML boundary on our IOS device. We fly sites regularly with aerial photos that do not represent the current land.

Looking at the amount of feedback in this thread, there is obviously a massive demand for this! When will it be implemented? Or do we have to look to other software?


Please add me to the list of people asking for KMZ imports for defining AOIs in Pix4D Capture iOS! 

I fly dozens of corridor mapping missions of sections of roads for a large telco subcontractor each week.  The large Telco communicates their needs to the subcontractor with KMZs, the subcontractor communicates my mission with KMZs.  When I have time and can plan these in the office, sometimes I will manually translate those KMZs from Google Earth into Pix4D capture.  But, since Maps Made Easy’s Map Pilot & DJI Ground Station Pro, on iOS both currently support importing those same KMZs and converting the areas directly into mapping missions, that’s what I do for expediencies sake.  For several good reasons, I would much prefer to only use Pix4D Capture, but lack of KMZ import and convert capability in iOS is a serious limiting factor.   Its a must have.


Please add us to the iOS KMZ feature list as well. 

Your app works so well on iOS, its really a shame that there is no possibility to import shapefiles like you can do on Android. 


I am surveying daily a very large infrastructure project in southern california,  We are changing the port of long beach so quickly that the imagery is almost useless in planning my missions.  I need the ability to import either dwg dxf or kmz as backgrounds for mission planning,  I am currently flying a matrice 200 using an ipad but could use android if that works.  I followed a different thread for using android and it didnt work.  


Hi William,

Your feedback has been shared with the developer’s team so that they consider implementing this functionality in the future.
We also encourage users who would like this functionality on iOS to feedback us.

On Android, I would suggest you to have a look at how to import .kml/.kmz file. If something is not working or is not clear don’t hesitate to feedback us, with as many details as possible.

Hi Gael,
Thank you for your response on this thread. We, iOS users, have been feedbacking about the importance of this functionallity. This post is almost a year old now and still Pix4D Capture doesn’t have the possibility of importing kml, kmz or shapefiles in order to plan properly a flight mision. Other software as DroneDeploy has this function implemented since a long time. Many users, such me, had migrated to this software.
However, I’m still waiting for Pix4D to have this function on iOS so then I can start using again this software.