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How to import an area of interest polygon in the Pix4DCapture app?


For my project, I need to fly multiple areas where the basemap imagery is too coarse resolution and/or too old to define a precise flight area. I have .kmz files of the areas I would like to fly. Is there a way to import these files into the app to define an area of interest for flights?


Hello Ryan,

We have just released Capture 3.4 for Android on Google Play Store and it now supports KML and KMZ import.

Here you will find more information about how to import your KML or KMZ into a Capture project (from step 12 on if you already have your KML/KMZ):

We hope this new feature will be useful for your projects.


And for IOS realese you have news?


KML and KMZ support on iOS is on our roadmap and but we don’t have yet a precise time estimation of when it will be publicly released.

Best regards

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