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How to display DSM as it appears in the quality report?

Dear Support:

I find the DSM generated in the quality report is very beautiful (as follows), and I like to add it into my paper, however there is no legend, north arrow and scale bar in the DSM, which are required to make a complete map.

I then try to add all the elements in a GIS software (ArcMap), but the DSM can’t be displayed in the way that shows in the report in ArcMap. I know there must be some complex algorithms to render the DSM in Pix4d.

Could you be kind enough to tell me a little bit about the algorithm or suggest some references or software that can display DSM in that wonderful way?

Thanks very much and looking forwards to your reply!

Have you tried to visualize it using shadows? I reckon a substantial amount of the DSMs appearance in the report borrows from shadows being visualized, hereby rendering it more 3D-ish compared to regular DSM viewing.

I know you can visualize using shadows using both Qgis or ArcMap, but I am not entirely sure if you can combine shadow visualization with a custom color scheme.