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DSM with visible scale

Is there any setting in Pix4D which would make the scale visible like in the attached picture?


Hello Anders, 

When generating the DSM is not possible to display the scale bar in the Mosaic Editor, only in an external software as you pointed out. 

This is a very interesting idea! We will pass your query as suggestion to the product management team so they can study it and see for future releases. 

Best Regards, 


I had my first trial of mapperpro a few weeks ago and it’s a great system. One piece of feedback I have which is similar to above is that the software doesn’t seem to include the scale of an ortho/dsm/dtm image. This would be similar to the scale provided on ordinance survey map. My clients will require the scale on a map I send them otherwise they have no way of understanding the dimensions of items. For DSM and DTM, is it possible to include the heights of the colours as without these it’s pretty meaningless.

Thank you for the feedback that we shared with our developers.
This is would indeed be useful, several users have already mentioned it :).