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Elevation profile tool is not available for DTM raster but only for DSM?


I could not find an option for generating DTM and an elevation profile from DTM surface. I am wondering if I am missing something and would like to know if the developer is planning to add this tool soon? Is it possible to upload DTM for a project in the Cloud

For us, who provide engineering services for building roads and use drones, that tool can be a big help for a general visualization of the terrain!

Thank you! 

The 3rd fase of processing

Hi Denis!

As Jorge pointed out, it’s possible to create and display the DTM on Pix4D Desktop if the Raster DTM tickbox is checked in the Processing Options ( 

Something more interesting for you is that there is a workaround to visualize the DTM on the Pix4D Cloud, which even enables you to create an elevation profile for the DTM. The trick consists in processing locally (on Pix4D Desktop) your images and generating a DTM. Then create a new project on the Cloud and upload the DTM in the DSM section of the results (you can find the generated DTM following this path …\project_name\project_name\3_dsm_ortho\extras\dtm). In this case, when generating an elevation profile, the DTM will be used instead of the DSM to retrieve the elevation values.

If you had processed the project directly on the Cloud generating the DSM, you can download your project locally from Files > Results and clicking on  Export to Pix4D Desktop.  Generate the DTM in your Pix4D Desktop ( and on the Cloud replace the DSM with the DTM just created from _Files > Results and in the Section DSM _clicking on  Replace File.

Thanks for providing your feedback on the Community! Keep updated on the Cloud releases and much more, following this topic here!


Thank you Alice! 

The workaround worked well!