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Easy to handle DSM

One of the general problems I have when working with Pix4D is that the output formats are very hardware demanding and not all clients have high-end computers and even appropriate software.
I have this problem specially with the DSM maps. For me it would be ideal to just have the DSM map generated in the quality report (sharp edges, very nice color palette, etc.) exported as a mid-res jpeg file.
I have attempted to convert the DSM from the geoTiff output using qGIS but it looks much less sharp. I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong there.

Hi Jose,

I have added your idea about exporting the DSM to a pdf file or mid-res jpeg file to our Suggestion list. Our Product Development team will consider it for future version of the software.

An alternative solution you have, is to regenerate the DSM and Orthomosaic with a lower resolution in Pix4Dmapper.
Of course, the quality of your outputs will be reduced (lower spacial resolution > lower details).

Best regards,

Please add the ability to export the Mosaic and DSM as a pdf.  I have a lot of impressive looking screens on my computer with no way to send them to customers. Not everyone who makes a decision to use our services is an engineer, and they have no way to view what pix4d creates without specific software.

It creates a low quality proof in the Quality Report, am I missing something here?

I am refering to the DSM with atlas coloring (please see attached). It doesn’t really need to have embedded data, just something quick and easy to send to a client showing an overview of the survey site.