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Add a .sid export

Most of the outputs from Mapper (and matic) are used in a variant of CAD… which hates the .tiff format but loves the .sid format. Please add a .sid compression option to at least the orthomoasic exports.

Hello David,

Thank you for your request. I passed your concern to our team for future development.

Kind regards,

Hi @David_Pechacek

Thanks for your suggestion. Can you please tell me more about your workflow? My assumption is that you need the DSM and Orthomosaic in a .sid format. Please correct me if this is not right. What CAD software(s) do you use these in? and what are these files being used for in your case? e.g. drafting, as background map,…

This will help me understand the context of the request.

Current Process: Drone → Pix4D → ArcGIS Pro → CAD (Autodesk Civil3D and Bently MicroStation).
Desired Process: Drone → Pix4D → CAD.

Uses: planometric drafting (points lines and polygons 2D & 3D when draped over the DSM, background imagery… ect…

Really only the Orthomoasic is needed since the DSM is almost always under 1GB.

yes .sid is the file type.

Thanks @David_Pechacek for the explanation! Have you considered using PIX4Dsurvey to pass from PIX4Dmatic to CAD? That product was developed on purpose for that and has native compatibility with PIX4Dmatic point clouds. It has vectorization tools, e.g. semi-automatic line detection. Here is the product page:

If you have considered it, but chose to proceed with another workflow, could you explain why? This will help us improve the product so that it fits your needs better in the future.

Thank you!

Thanks Pierangelo,

I have (I was an alpha release tester prior to its full release). However, I would like to demo/test it again. Looks like it has advanced a fare bit since I last dove into it.

PS I didn’t see a way to reply directly to you… so I guess the thread gets to see this. :wink:

Indeed, it changed quite a bit since the alpha version^^

You should be able to get a free trial directly in the software, if it doesn’t work for some reason, you can reach out to our sales team here: Otherwise, post here again and I’ll reach out to you by email. :slight_smile:

Curious to know what you think of the new version!