Video animation feature

I am continuously impressed by the outputs of the Orthomosaic and the DSM thru matic. But when I wish to showcase the 3D model, I find myself hitting a wall because Matic does not have the fly through feature that mapper does.

Getting Blender or Meshlabs to run the obj files is incredibly annoying and mapper had this problem solved.

I hate having to swallow my pride and render everything thru Mapper later just to get an embarrassingly lower grade model to show my students and clients.

Please pix4D add the video animation feature to matic! Matic costs almost the exact same as Mapper and you’re leaving us starving with missing features!!!

Hi aerialamity,

Thank you for the feature request.

You have a vote that you can apply to this request as well. :+1:


@aerialamity thank you for the feedback on the quality of the results in PIX4Dmatic! I agree that the video animation tool is missing and we are planning on adding this functionality to PIX4Dmatic in the future, we would like to make it even better than in PIX4Dmapper.

Although it is not as smooth as a video animation, I found that recording your screen with a free tool such as OBS Studio can make some reasonably good videos of your results. This enables you to show the 3D and 2D results too. Might be worth a try in the meantime?

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I have the same issue with Real Estate Clients. They want 3D model Videos. Please add this feature as early as you can.