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3D Aerial Flyover Video

Hi All


Apologies if this has already been posted before, I looked up could not find any.

I would like to produce high resolution aerial flyover using the DEM and orthomosaic image of the site I have surveyed. Any ideas? I have tried using ArcScene but when you try higher resolution it crashes alot, any known alternatives? I have also tried global mapper, this does not give best quality.


I’m working on something like this too. It’s not too bad with just the DSM and ortho overlain, but I can’t get the textured mesh to render in ArcScene for the life of me. I can get the mesh, but no texture. Something happens either when I convert FBX->DAE, rescale and reposition, or import to ArcScene. It would be nice if you could export a georeferenced DAE right from Pix4D like you can do in photoscan. 

As for your issue, it’s good to have a graphics card with acceleration turned on. Then you can tweak with the display and render settings.


Happy new year everyone :slight_smile:

If I understand correctly (please correct me if i am wrong), you would like to be able to create a video of the DSM and orthomosaic. This is actually a very good idea. I have added it to our Suggestion list (I ve also added the idea of exporting a georeferenced DAE file).


Our Product Development Team will consider it for future version of the software.

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Hi Scott


I actually found out Global mapper 18 does a very good job. What I did not realize is that, the quality improves dramatically when exporting to some video format such as .AVI, .MPEG etc. When displaying 3d within Global mapper on screen, the quality is surely bad but apparently that was done on purpose to allow easy of handling large data. I’m kinda OK with that as long as the final output is cute.

Chrsitina, ability to create video animation within Pix4D would be great, because right now we have to use third party application.




What 3rd party app do you use please?