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DSM from Quality Report vs. actual output quality

Hey Pix4D community,

I’m new to the photogrammetry software and was wondering if anyone had any advice regarding the DSM output.

The DSM displayed in the quality report is showing more detail than the output when uploaded into a GIS software (ArcGIS). I’ve attached an image showing the quality report and a photo showing the DSM is ArcGIS.

The imagery is of a lake, covered in snow and there are visible snow mobile tracks. The quality report shows the visible tracks but when uploaded to ArcGIS I am getting an artificial lining on the lake.

Does anyone happen to know why this may be/ have any suggestions.

Thanks in advance!

Hello @pouw7380,
I am not familiar with the product but you should be able to change the visualization. I found the below article on the internet, which might be useful to you.

For visual purposes you could compute a hillshade raster from your dsm layer or klick the hillshade option in the layer properties.