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Symbology of DSM

Dear all,
When I obtain the DSM from Pix4d Mapper, I see the beautiful presentation of all terrains in Mosaic Editor or even in the Quality Report.
However, the DSM that I find the result folder, when I import it in GIS software and I change its symbology, no color range can obtain the same result.
Is there a way to have a nice color symbology of DSM like the one I see in quality report and editor?
Thanks everyone.

Hi Parivash,

Pix4D will only export grayscale DSM as you know. In QGIS, you can create a color ramp and use that. For example, I made this color ramp which looks somewhat like the Pix4D color scale (with red, yellow, green and blue)


I have attached the exported color scale from QGIS. You can import the color scale from here:

RGB.txt (286 Bytes)

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