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How do I export my maps to my website?


I am new to this mapping and the PIX4D tools. I have an Autel II Dual drone. I’ve managed to do 3 separate mapping events. I enjoy the learning process of capturing the images and uploading them into the program. I am frustrated as how will I be able to save the file outside of the program and transfer that map completed data to a customer or in my case myself on a website for advertisement purposes? Seems like there should be a simple file transfer using a saved file name within the program and not having to geofence in the entire project?

Hello @david5 ,
Of course there is a more simple way to share your outputs with your clients! For this purpose there is Pix4Dcloud, which easily enables you to send a link to your project or embed a 2D/3D view on your website. Here some links that can be helpful:

  • Product page
  • Online documentation page
  • Share functionality
  • With Pix4Dcloud, you can either import images and process them on our servers or upload results generated locally for visualization and later on for sharing the project page or create an embedded view. More information at New dataset.

Hope it helps!