Goshtly like mosaic

Hy everyone, I have a question of why this goshtly like features appear sometimes when creating a mosaic?

The process configuration was:
Captura de pantalla 2023-03-03 121601

When i proccesed again with the difference of setting the “Keyponts Image Scale” in 1/4 resulted in a better mosaic, but still found this “ghosts”

This was flown with an Ebee X if that info works.
Thanks in advance

Hi there, can you confirm that you also processed step 2?
To get the most accurate results, you must generate a dense point cloud before generating the DSM and orthomosaic. Cheers

Hi Rhea! thanks for answering! When I did the process with the step 2 y resulted in a worse mosaic than when I didn’t:




Hey Sazaretto,

Did you fly this on two different days or a partly cloudy day? Do you have any manual tie points in place? I’m assuming that your point cloud is layered in those areas as well.