Stripes in Orthomosaic

I’ve processed an orthomosaic and set the resolution to 6 cm/pixel (the automatic setting was 2.1 cm/pixel). I ended up getting a “striping” in the image which matches the flight paths of the camera. I also did not create a mesh before creating the mosaic. Could either of these changes effect the orthomosaic in this way.

Same thing happened to me today.

Hi ghale,
Can you upload the quality report for this project? This will tell us much about the problem. My suspicions are that your image overlap was a bit light. Do you know what your setting were when you flew it?

Here is the quality report, attached. The flight was with a Mavic 2 Pro at 300 ft with 75% Front overlap and 65% Side overlap and the gimbal at 90 degrees. The mosaic preview came out great and the point cloud came out fine.

Caledonia Map_report.pdf (2.63 MB)

A can definitely edit the orthomosaic in the mosaic editor, but that is very time-consuming to have to rerun everything bit-by-bit and not near as good as the main algorithm running this holistically. The overlap is good. What other settings can I try to run the orthomosaic a different way?

Hi ghale,
It appears that you have some high camera optimization error. Can you try enabling All Prior under the calibration for step 1. This forces the optimal internal parameters to be close to the initial values. Hopefully it will correct the orthomosaic.

Thank you Mike for the advice. I’ll give it a try and let it run overnight. Unfortunately, that will take processing everything again from the beginning to get the mosaic, but I think that is all I need at this point. Hopefully, it will run much quicker this time around. Editing the mosaic manually is extremely slow and time-intensive to fix an entire map.

The striping is still occurring after reprocessing with adjusting to the “All Prior” setting within the calibration settings. Again, the mosaic editing tools seam to work, but it is just painstakingly slow and is going to cost us substantial time. This took an entire day to test this adjustment so I hope there’s a better solution.

Hi ghale,
Can you provide us with the updated quality report? I also noticed that you are current on your support and upgrade. You might want to open a ticket for a quicker reply. You can go to