Google Tiles Projects fails to load


No issues previously with google tiles project creation and loading; about a dozen over the last 3 years.


  1. I created a google tiles project along with normal deliverable (point cloud, point cloud DSM, ortho mosaic) upon request and the google tiles project fails to load in any web brower.

  2. I attempted to load up a known good google tiles project dating back from 2023 07 with the same issue.

  3. Browser console states the following:



Am I correct that the necessary API key for google earth that was coded in the project / generated in Pix4D mapper is no longer valid? Is there a solution for this in our historic datasets?

Datasets were created in various versions of Pix4D, but I am currently running 4.7.5.

Hi Dale,
Have you tried using Google Earth Pro instead of accessing GE with a browser?

Google Earth Pro via output kml file works fine.

Our users require our product through a browser tough.

What browsers have you tried?