Loading Google Earth Tiles

when i open the kml file it shows that it is loaded inside Google Earth, but there is no photo shown. I have all the tile files in the folder. Is there any other thing you have to do besides import the single kml into Google Earth?

Hi Wade,
You should be able to simply drag the KML file right into Google Earth. I would suggest using Google Earth Pro which needs to be downloaded to your computer. I tried using my internet browser and could not get the images to load.

I am using Google Earth Pro and trying to import the ortho kml file into it. It goes to the right location and shows in the toolbar that it is loaded, but there is no photo showing on the map.
So this is a project i previously processed using an arbitrary output coordinate system. I went back and changed the output coordinate system to Nad83 Texas North Central so i could create the google earth tiles and kml. After changing that i only reprocessed step 3. I’m wondering if it has something to do with that.

It appears that you did the workflow correctly from Mapper. If you simply dragged and dropped the KML into Google Earth then you may want to look on Google’s side as to why it is not displaying. It’s possible that if your project is exceptionally large then it may not handle the file size.