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Google Maps Tiles


is it possible to export google maps tiles from the pix4D Cloud or only via desktop application?

Thank you!

Hi Kevin,

KML files cannot be downloaded anymore from the project result’s zip folder exported from the Cloud.
The KML feature was completely disabled on the Pix4D Cloud as of mid-September 2019 because most zip archives that had KML tiles were failing because managing thousands of tile files was not fitting in the allotted time to produce the zip archive.

The results (KML tiles) will be only accessible through direct Amazon Web Services access. This means that KML files are only available for Engine users.


I understood 50% of that
How do I have to proceed to create google maps tiles? It is still mentioned in the helpdesk!

Thank you


The instructions you are showing are related to the Pix4Dmapper Desktop version, where you can still generate KML tiles.


How would I connect to those Amazon Web Service to get the files?

What do you mean with “Engine user”?

Hello again,

Pix4Dengine is a different product and encompasses a set of programming modules running on your infrastructure or on our cloud:
To use Pix4Dengine, the user should have coding skills, in order to programmatically control the processing pipeline powered by Pix4D. If you purchase this product and become a Pix4DEngine user, the generation of KML tiles would be possible through some algorithms in the AWS ecosystem. I wish I could delve more into this, but Pix4DEngine is not my product of expertise.