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GCP's not showing up in version 4.2.27

I have imported 6 gcp’s to the project, they all sit within the project area however when I use ray cloud editor none of the photos come up showing the GCP’s. I have only just updated to version 4.2.27 and have made sure gpu has the latest drivers. Any suggestions?

Altitude in your photos is messed up. I’m guessing you are flying with Phantom 4/Pro or Mavic. Mark few GCP’s in basic editor and re-optimize project. It should correct the altitude difference and then you can mark the rest of those GCP’s in ray cloud

On checking the exif data on the photo’s the altitude was -130m on what it should be. I was using the phantom 4 pro and have since re calibrated the imu. Hopefully the problem is fixed. I did manage to process the job by adding 100m to the photos. Cheers