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GCP does not match altitude

Hello folks. Can please someone help me? I am having problems with the GCP and Raycloud in step1. The project has 9 GCPs and only one is not macthing the altitude of the GCP and Raycloud. The others are fine. 
I already did reoptimization and still the same. The difference is about 9.2 metters. Please see the image. Thanks guys



Hi Patricia,

According to the quality report, this project processed into 14 separate blocks.  This is normally indicative of insufficient overlap among images.  Corridor projects are also difficult due to their slender linear nature (requiring a higher number of GCPs per project.  I would suggest 5 or more per block).  Can you share with us the degree of overlap and flight plan you used for image capture?  What type of GCPs are you using?  The quality report indicates a mean RMS error (for 7 GCPs as 2.589 meters.  Are you certain that you are accurately tagging the GCP locations  within the GCP manager?

Best wishes,