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Inquiry regarding GCPs after initial processing.


I done huge project 40 scan 1.7 km2 this is first project for me , I add MTPs for each scan and later I marged them in one project .
After initial processing, I tag the GCPs on rayCloud. The error to GCP initial position for some GCP  altitude errors was between +8 to -35m.( it mean the model sloped )after add MTPs but still calibrated and contains from one block.

My questions are:
Does GCPs effect on ray Cloud Model construction in case the model contain from 1 block ? I mean after add GCP and remoptmiz, will they split and shifting some tied scans up or down to correct GCP coordinates position and make multiple block or it will stay stitched as one?


Is it possible to add the GCPs to each scan and then marge the scans in future project?


That happen now , the model split agin ( some scan groups shift up ) after add GCP and reoptmize !! What about the The MTPs I add before ?!

Hello Raed,

The GCPs is recommended to be added to the merged project. According to my understanding, you are following the correct workflow, merging the projects using MTPs first and then importing the GCPs in the merged project.

If the GCPs are correctly measured and marked on the images, they should not split the project. The software will try to fit the model to the GCPs as well as possible, trying to minimize the errors in the GCPs locations.

To better understand the problem in your project, could you please send me the pdf quality report? 
Can you also make sure that the correct horizontal and vertical coordinate system was selected for the GCPs?