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GCP conversion issue


I have been trying to export a project in both mapper and matic.

I can get the outputs needed in mapper with the GCPs i have but i cannot import that GCP file into PIx4dmatic.

It either says Parse error line 1 column 4 or if i bypass that by importing a txt file then the screen goes black and i cant see the photos that i have uploaded until i have deleted all the gcps

GCP & MTP.txt (717 Bytes)

I have uploaded the GCP txt file. PIX4d Matic is saying that the co-ordinate system is WGS84 UTM 55S.

The GCP co-ordinate system should be wgs 84 - height above ellipsoid.

I had to import a prj file into pix4d mapper to get it to work properly there


Thank you for your message.
I replied in the direct support ticket.

The GCP format seems to be correct: