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I get black screen when adding GCPs

Hi Christina,

Im now having to process all the flights seperately and merge them in a different software.

However, as this is a large project i initially tried processing in pix4d matic but could not calibrate any of the images.

Everything looks fine until i enter the GCPs and then the screen goes black and i cannot see anything on the 2d or 3d reconstruction

Thank you for the additional information.
I moved your post under the PIX4Dmatic category.

Could you please double-check that your GCPs coordinates are in the correct order and that the GCP coordinate system has been correctly selected?

What coordinate system are you using for your GCPs?

Looking forward to hearing from you


We are using WGS84/UTM55S for both the project and the GCP data.

The whole project is a total of 1400 ha. and 12000 images.

So it is fairly large however as soon as the GCPs are input in even smaller files then the whole thing disappears from both viewers.

Then when i start processing it fails at the calibration stage.


It seems that PIX4D Matic is reading the EXIF Data wrong and therefore importing the wrong co-ordinates.

The right co-ordinates are located in the Photos so im unsure why this is??

It actually isnt an issue with the GCPs its the software reading the EXIF poorly


Are you referring to the same dataset mentioned in your direct ticket “#107888”?
I will take a look at your images and verify the EXIF information. To do this we need at least 10 images.