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Flight planning

Hello fellow Pix4Ders!

I’m finishing up on a large, somewhat complicated series of flights that proved to be rather difficult to get to register to the GCP’s. After much thought, I’m starting to think that the problem might have had something to do with my overall flight pattern. Normally, I would fly a project using a mostly rectangular style polygon encompassing the desired flight area (I use Maps Made Easy, it’s worked really well for me). However, on this project, due mostly to the parcels having odd geographic boundaries, my flights became more triangular in shape. Could this have been causing my problems with getting the GCP’s to register correctly? Or would the problems have more to do with the Galileo Satellite System failure (around the same time as the flights)? I should add I use a Mavic 2 Pro, with the latest firmware, while I had some settings incorrect for that particular UAS, some of the projects locked right into place without a problem.

I’m just trying to troubleshoot this problem so I can avoid it again in the future.

Any thoughts would be helpful.

Cheers, Andrew

Hi Andrew, 

Sorry for the late reply. I see you have already created the support ticket regarding GCPs not registered correctly and the issue was solved. If I am correct, the problem was caused due to the selection of a wrong coordinate system for the GCPs?

I don’t know what the problem was. I couldn’t get some GCPs to register with a correct elevation. It had nothing to do with coordinate systems on the GCPs. That’s the answer I got from you guys went I made the support ticket in the first place. It wasn’t the problem then.

I think the problem was due to the flight pattern, the GCPs that didn’t register correctly were on the outer edges of the flight and didn’t have enough geotiffed photos over those particular GCPs. I had to cut out the bad areas and not use that data. It made an already difficult dataset even more difficult to work with.

I haven’t had the problem in the several missions I’ve done since. Of note, there also might have been some electrical/GPS interference from a nearby airport GPS waypoint. I was having some problems with the GPS out there during the project. Coincidentally it was the same week that the GLONASS satellites failed, I wonder if that might have had something to do with it.

Hi Andrew, 

I am glad you were able to solve the issue. Thank you once again for sharing your experience.