GCP Import Format

Hi, I was wondering if there are any plans to allow for GCPs to be imported in the same format as they are in Pix4d Mapper (Pt #, Y, X, Z, Code)? This is the standard format of all of our survey data, and it is frustrating that we need to reformat our GCP data every time we want to import into Matic, especially since Mapper has the option of both Y,X,Z and X,Y,Z import formats.

Hi dschwartz,
Can you post this in the feature request category? Our team closely monitors this.

Just updated the category, sorry about that!

Hi @dschwartz
We’re planning on making the import of GCP files easier (this will apply to the import of geolocation and orientation data too), where you’d be able to have a preview on how the data looks like and where you can easily select what each column represents, e.g. you could easily say which column is X or Y. The goal is to avoid that people need to modify their data before importing it in PIX4Dmatic and that it is easy to do so during the import. Hope this will solve your issue!