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Error e0015 while importing GCP's

Hi Guys
I’ve been encountering an issue while importing GCP’s.
I’m getting error e0015 about a format error on one of my lines on the GCP’s list. I have 6 GCP’s, taken with a RTK on ground, all in the exact same format and it’s giving me an error on line 6. I’ve tried removing line 6 and only use 4 GCP’s with no luck.
Pix4D seems to be reading lines 1 to 5 without an issue even thou they are the same format, I’ve also tried to change the order on the GCP’s and I get the same error.
What am I missing?

Thank you

Figure it out - I had my coordinates in decimal format with periods after each 3 numbers group (example 27.235.326.236.236) changed to only one period (exemple 27.235326236236) and they were all recognized.