I extracted a GCP file from my EMLID RS2 and it is in the following format (attached)
Project 2main.zip (774 Bytes)

Pix4d doesn’t accept it like this. Do I need to transform it?

My coordinates have to be like this (???)

4d 452911,285 4332254,121 22,660

Hi @nikolaospaschalis,

Thank you for your message.

Here you can find additional information about the format of the Ground Control Points file:

It should contain four or six columns per line for 3D GCPs and 3 or 5 columns per line for 2D GCPs, and use a comma to separate the columns.

thanks !!!

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One more question, please …
After generating a Quality report I get a yellow mark at the quality check and Georeferencing, why is that?

Hi @nikolaospaschalis

The yellow warning is shown in the Quality Report when

GCPs are used and the GCP error is more than 2 times the average GSD.


when no GCPs are used

You can find more information here:

In your case, it seems that the GCP error is between 2 and 4 times the average Ground Sampling Distance (GSD).

To resolve the problem, please read these possible causes with suggested solutions:

  • Not enough GCPs were used given the size of the project.
    • Add additional GCPs. A minimum number of 3 GCPs is required but we recommend including at least 5 to 10 GCPs. When the topography of the area is complex adding more GCPs could lead to a more accurate reconstruction.
  • Accuracy values for GCPs are not properly set .
    • If the accuracy of the GCPs is known then it should be entered instead of the default values in the GCP/MTP Manager.
    • When using the default accuracy values in projects that are set to imperial (ft) then the GCP accuracy should be adjusted to 0.066.
  • Poor GCP marking: The quality of GCP marks can be estimated by reviewing the projection error for each GCP shown in the quality report. All projection error values should be less than 1 pixel.
  • GCPs are not marked on enough images.