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Flight time issue with DJI Mavic

Hi used Pix4D to great effect with the Phantom 3 Advanced, just upgraded to the Mavic and was keen to try the various apps
With it, when I run Pix4D it detects the Mavic but whatever size of altitude I set
The mission to the flight
Time is “too Long” and something like 21253 mins, any ideas Thanks Andy

Hello Andy,

Can you give as a better insight in the issue you are facing to further investigate:
Are you using Android or iOS version of the app?
Which mission did you choose (grid, double grid)?
What is the approximate size of the area you are trying to cover?

Can you please share a screenshot of the map view with us with where wrong flight time estimation is visible.


Today I had the same issue. I am using iOS on iPhone 11 Pro Max, with the latest version of the app and a Mavic Air.


Thank you for your feedback, this behavior has not been reported to us so far. If an unexpected behavior occurs, I recommend interrupting the mission and restarting everything from scratch.

I would suggest going all along the basic checks and troubleshooting steps described in this article on our Knowledge Base. If properly followed, it will solve most of the issues that can be encountered by users.

On top of it, for this specific issue, I would suggest:

  • Check if the overlap is set correctly.
  • Delete and plan the mission again.