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Flight Time Issues after recent update.


I am having an issue with Pix4d Mapper and need some assistance.

We have a DJI Mavic 2 Pro current on firmware and are using the current Pix4d Capture app.
We are also current on the DJI Go App.

The issue has to do with Flight time and its accuracy.

We normally fly with Advanced Settings:
70Deg Camera
85 Frontal Overlap
75 Side Overlap
Fast Trigger Mode
Slow (all the way slow) Speed

When looking at a 3D Grid mission that we were attempting at 501 Feet x 68 Feet at an altitude of 60 feet
The flight time would fluctuate between 1577697 min and 150 min Both of which I think are way too long.

We have flown many lower altitude missions with those settings and they never take that long.

Also I recreated the same problem on a 2D Grid Mission. Same settings as above. 1477595 Min. to 82 minutes.

So some questions I have:

Did the update change what the “slowest” slow speed is?
Is this a glitch? Have you been told this already?
Can you tell me the speeds the drone will fly from slowest to fast at every interval that the app allows?

Im sure I have more but I will wait to hear what you say.
This is a pressing emergency for us because it drastically affects how we can do business.

Also I have screenshots of the app and specifics I will attach

After the recent release of iOS Pix4Dcapture version 4.10.0, the lowest speed of the drone was changed. The minimum speed is set to 0.1m/s. For more information, I would suggest you to go through our (iOS) Pix4Dcapture release notes. I would suggest you to change the drone speed to Normal or Fast according to your requirement.

I to have noticed this problem. this is a poor solution for the problem.
this is causing me quality issues since upgrading the capture app.
taking it up one notch in speed completes but the captured images for me are not a crisp as they would be on the slowest setting. I’m using a p4p obsidian and a p4p v2.

can this not be put back to what it was before the recent update?

Hi, after the last update the minimum speed was changed from 60% of maximum speed to like 1% and now I am unable to control the speed of my matrice 600 pro with pushbroom camera at all(it is much too fast). Is there a way to set the speed to what I exactly need?


I have Inspire 2 and have used pix4d capture(iOS version 4.9.0) with no problem.
After iOS version was updated to 4.10.0, the flight speed is different on the same mission that i flighted succefully.
Before updating the version, i set the flight speed to Slow(or Slow+) and the actual speed was about 2.0m/s.
After uadate, ‘Slow’ speed is 0.1m/s and ‘Slow+’ speed is 3.8m/s.
I know ‘Slow’ is 60% of the maximum speed.
I want to know what is wrong in my setting.


After the recent release of iOS version 4.10.0 of Pix4Dcapture app, the lowest speed of the drone was changed. The new lowest speed is 0.1 m/s. If the flight time is not reasonable. I would suggest you to change the drone speed to Normal, Normal+ or Fast from the settings.

Regarding the recent update (V4.10.0 ios), our operation relied on the given flight speeds (2, 5.1, 8.5, 11.8, and 15 m/s) in order to create the flight patterns needed for our research. The reduced speeds (0.1, 1.7, 3.4, 7.6, 7.9, 11.3, 11.9 m/s) options and inability for the user to define specific speeds greatly hinders our ability to conduct our research. The “new” speed changes all the time and sometimes the speed above don’t appear and new speed options appear with no reason, why was this speed reduction added to the new version?
just for you to understand me i will give you an example -
grid mission, 61 X 383 m, Altitude 30m, at 0.1 m/s takes 538 min to finish. who needs to fly at 0.1 m/s with grid mission?

one more issue we can’t explain is a mission we flew one time 2 m/s and the next time was 3 m/s with no parameter had been changed.

all those problems appeared since the new version was released, i contacted the support but i didn’t receive any explanation or help.

does anyone had the same problems as i do?

Hello Kapil

i still don’t have an actual answer for what people wrote here , no solutions, just reference to release notes that is not helping fixing or understanding the problems.
Pix4d company has limited the users with speed selection, to tell us to change the drone speed to Normal, Normal+ or Fast from the settings is not solving me or other users problems after this version update, please can someone on Pix4d contact me and help me more then sending me to the not helpful release note?

i wish i could have the option to preset the airspeed independently which will make this software more user friendly for all users…

Hello @orenreic,

As I have mentioned in my previous comment, the change has been made in the last release 4.10.0. However, at the moment, we are evaluating the effect of the above change. If there are any modifications, we will inform you through this post. For now, the only solution is to change the drone speed to Normal, Normal+, or Fast from the settings.


This recent update has unfortunately broken our current workflow. We frequently map scenes at night or in low light. We previously used the slow setting and safe mode. This would provide adequate photographs for our purposes. Now we are forced to use the next faster speed and the quality of our photographs have decreased noticeably.

I don’t understand the purpose of the changes you made to the app, but please, please restore the previous slow-speed as an option.

Pima County

Hello - I’m flying a low-level (75 ft) Grid mission with 65-degree gimbal tilt at “SLOW + 1 tap”.

Questions: 1) How fast specifically (either in MPH or FPS) is “Slow” and “SLOW + 1 tap”?? 2) What is the image capture interval (time between image captures)??

Thanks in advance,



The app computes the maximum speed the drone can have for a given overlap and flight altitude. The Fast speed corresponds to 100% of the maximum speed. Reducing the speed might help to avoid capturing blurry images. Five types of speed can be selected:

  • Slow : 0.1 m/s
  • Slow+ : 70% of the maximum speed.
  • Normal : 80% of the maximum speed.
  • Normal+ : 90% of the maximum speed.
  • Fast : Maximum speed.

Since the last update(I think), the drone seems to fly slowly regardless of the speed setting I make in the project. My time estimate for my last flight was about 12 minutes. It actually took 31 minutes. To top it off, at the end of the mission, the drone hovered for a second and then began to climb. It was almost at 400 feet before I hit pause. I had to bring it back manually.

I’m using a P4. This is a big problem and is costing me dearly. I was planning on shooting 3 locations per trip and now it looks like I can only shoot one since I will need to recharge. I will be going thru 3 batteries for some of these missions when it should need just one.


I originally started this as a new thread simply because I felt my issue was slightly different. Specifically, the fact that my speed is set too fast and it still flies slow. Changing the speed also does not affect the estimated time at all.

Lots of weird problems…
On top of that, the drone won’t return after mission. It simply climbs. It got to nearly 400 feet before I stopped it! The software does say returning, it just doesn’t…

I was in low controlled airspace(100ft) and the mission started. The software said “in mission” and the drone flew off. The drone icon didn’t move on the display… I tried to be patient to see if the display would catch up. I realized the drone was rapidly plunging into a “0” grid and I had to hit pause…

This is why I don’t like upgrading…

I have noticed recently that the speed of the drone changes depending on the shape of the mission.
I have a number of flights I repeatedly fly with the same drone, same elevation, same overlap, until recently they all flew at the same speed. Now they all have varying speeds (even though they are all still flown at same height and overlap) Why is this occurring?