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Flight preview of a location or a site

Is it possible to input in Pix4d Capture a feature which allows to find a place and preload a map only using the coordinates? This is very important to plan a flight and know how many pictures are needed before going there!


Hello Antonio,

Unfortunately, it is not possible to use coordinates as input, you have to navigate in the screen to the area of interest.

If you have Android device, it is possible to import .kmz file containing raster data and optionally vector data, e.g. a georeferenced background image to use a base map plus a polygon. However, .kmz support on iOS is on our roadmap but we do not have yet a precise time estimation of when it will be publicly released. For more information:

The mission can also be prepared in the office. The displayed map is cached and will be available when starting the mission on the field. Make sure to load several levels of map zoom to save them in the cache. The maps are cached in memory and therefore if the user quits the App, the background maps are lost.

Additionally, it is possible to choose different map providers for Android devices. For more information:

Best regards,

Thanks for your “fast” answer (one month and half after my email).

I thank you but the problem is to be solved: I charge my work counting the numbers of photos and this is possible only using a preview of flight plan , but a preview is possibile if I can find the site using geographic coordinates. If the site is near, no problem, but if the site is far away (in another continent, for example) it is a big problem. Let me know if you have a solution for iOS device.


Another question, as an owner of a “perpetual” license of Pix4mapper Pro, I should like to receive an email when the Pix4d Capture has a new release, not read this on Facebook casually. regards

Hi Antonio,

Apologies for the late reply.
If you need fast support, you need to contact us directly using the request form.

If the area to map is in another continent, you can still move the base map to focus on the area of interest.
We are not sure to understand your need.

You should get a notification from the App Store of the iOS device. Perhaps you disabled it?