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Feature request , hide marked images

I have suggested this some time ago, and i still think this would be a easily implemented feature that saves some time. 

When marking GCPs or MTPs, make a button toggle that when enabled hides pictures that are manually marked. 
This way once the point is marked in a picture it is hidden and the next one takes its place, allowing for much faster marking with less clicks and mouse movements. 
Toggle it back off to show marked pictured for adjusting or similar. 

Perhaps add a double click, right click or space click to skip/hide a picture that does not show the point. 

Would not take much programming to implement and would be a decent productivity boost when the gcp count goes up. 

Hello Martin,

Thank you for your input. Your suggestion will probably increase the usability of the software regarding GCPs/MTPs marking.

Rest assured that we will forward your suggestion to our product development team in order to be considered for future versions of the software.



Any progress on this ?  

Would be as easy as having left click mark a picture and right click hide the picture so it jumps to the next.  Not a programmer but it sounds pretty easy to me considering how advanced yet userfriendly the overall program is. 

Hi Martin, 

No progress on that for the moment. Even changes that seem to be small can require a lot of development effort: between planning, implementing, testing,…I would suggest that you add your suggestion with a link to this post to the Desktop feature requests post: 

I might have an alternative method that could  help you mark your images faster. This method is easier when you have two screens, but also feasible otherwise. The sidebar for marking MTPs can be detached by clicking in the top right as shown here: 

Then, the Selection section can be folded and the window can be enlarged, as below: 

This makes a lot of images visible at the same time and makes it easy to mark images in a fast manner. 
Hope it helps!