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Cannot Mark Point in Images

Some file seem to glitch when assigning image marks for GCP points. Sometimes just pressing alt allows me to click and place the yellow marker but other times the status says a mark was made, but none shows and not is used in processing.

An update on this issue. I can reprocess and select one or 2 GCP points and make image marks for them, after that the program will not move to the next selected GCP point, so any new image marks are treated as though they are associated to the previous selected GCP.

@Jason_Young thanks for reporting the issue.

What do you mean exactly? Have you found a way to reproduce the issue consistently? Does the issue remain if you close and reopen Pix4Dmatic? What version of the software are you using?

This reminds me of a bug we found (and that is fixed in the next release) that made it impossible to mark GCPs. This would happen when using Alt+tab to move from one window to another on Windows. This would require to restart Pix4Dmatic to reenable the marking. Is this what you experience?

What do you mean exactly by “the program will not move to the next selected GCP point”? Do you select another GCP in the tie points table but the program doesn’t move there? If you could provide a screenshot or a small video to illustrate what you experience it would help.

Please keep us posted.

I’ll add images when back at system, but it is ignoreing that the point is selected in the point table. It will highlight the point but the marks increase on the previous selected point in the table, as in the tally stays at 0 on the selected GCP while adding marks to images.

Here is what I understand:

  • You select a GCP and start marking it in images. This increases the number of marks for that GCP.
  • You select another GCP, mark that one, but the number of marks of the previously selected GCP increase.

I tried to reproduce this, but wasn’t able to get the same issue. What do you mean by “I’ll add images when back at system”? Also, please let me know which version of the software you use. You can find this in the menu “Help>About”.

Thank you