Cannot mark points outside first 3 entries in Tie Points list

I have a simple set of 10 ground control points from a GPS Bas/Rover system. 5 are checkerboard squares, 4 are the corners of a tennis court, and one is the base station. On the first three lines of the Tie Points list, I am able to use the normal procedure for marking the targets and the checkpoints by zooming in on the image, marking, and zooming out.

However, if I try to mark anything on the other images, my marks are shown on one of the first three. I’m stuck at this point.

First image showing everything works normally.

Second image showing that item 4 is selected but a 3rd photo has been marked for the 3rd line.

One clue that this is happening is that while I’m zoomed in on a target, clicking the mouse appears to do nothing.

However, when I go back to the 3rd line, I see a new marked image, as shown above.

I have also noticed that if I change a GCP to a checkpoint on the 4th line or lower, it doesn’t stay. Refreshing the list changes it back to a GCP.

I also tried sorting the Tie Points list to change the order of the items. That made no difference to the odd behavior.

Hello esidronemap1

Thank you for your message.

I’m trying to reproduce this behavior using the preview release 1.56.0, but unfortunately I can’t.

I have a list of GCPs and Checkpoints.

1 - Select the first point in the tie points table
2 - Select the first image in the image viewer, Zoom in (using CTRL + mouse wheel) and mark
3- Select the second image Zoom in and mark
4- Select GCP 2
5- Select the first image and mark

The following image shows the first 3 points marked:

After that I select 4 GCP and mark the first image

After repeating these steps for each GCP (or checkpoint), everything seems to be working fine.

I can also change the GCP type to checkpoint and sort the list and the changes remain

Please, Could you tell me which version you are using so I can try to reproduce it?

Kind regards,

So I’ve had this happen with 1.54.3 and 1.56.0 and even uninstalled it and went back to 1.51

And it’s happened on two different machines. Is it something in cache files or behind the scenes?

Unfortunately, I can’t upload the video that shows the behavior…

Hello @esidronemap1

I noticed that on your screenshots most of your tie points have the same label.
This is most likely the reason why you have the feeling that you cannot mark points outside the first 3 entries in the Tie Points list: your first 3 tie points have unique labels (Base1, GCP and CP), the rest have duplicate labels (either GCP or CP).

Tie point labels are supposed to be unique. This is enforced when your try to edit a tie point label using the Tie Points table.
Unfortunately, this is not enforced when importing GCPs, which can lead to what you are observing.

I would suggest you to edit your tie points in order for each of them to have a unique label. This should hopefully solve your issue.

Best regards,