PIX4Dmatic feature request - image ordering

It would be very useful to be able to order the images by timestamp, when marking mtps/gcps/cps. Most data is collected along a pathway, even if erratic, and having the ability to order images sequentially when marking would improve the user’s mental ability to ‘follow’ the images and ‘find’ tie points, especially where there are uncalibrated cameras.

Hi @cloughnan,

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I have shared your request with the product team.

I have also moved your thread to the PXI4Dmatic Feature Request section.
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Hi @cloughnan

As images usually have a sequential name (which follows the time it was acquired at), the existing feature of ordering the images by name may be what you’re looking for?

There are three little dots at the top of the image viewer and there is a “sort” option that works once you have a tie point selected, to help you with marking. You can also order by image reprojection, or by distance (which is the default).

Yes (to the original idea), and provide an intelligent (recommended) sorting. we all have and know the general rules in picture selection for marking control, could Pix4D use those in its sorting?

PS virtual surveyor’s new overly simplified processor (terrain creator) does this, and does so very well. The rest of that competitor is too overly simplified, but that innocuous feature makes GCP marking so much faster since you don’t have to hunt your picture set as much.

@aherman the default selection is made based on distance. Can you show an example in which this doesn’t work as expected? That will help us understand the context of your project and how we could improve. Thanks!