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Failed to retrieve the item from the camera roll

When I try to export my project to my OneDrive account I get the following error: “Failed to retrieve the item from the camera roll. Please check that it is still available on the device.”

Any thoughts on why I get this error when trying to export?


We don’t store any images in the camera roll for Pix4Dcatch, so this seems a bit strange. When we have services available in the action menu for export, the vendor of the service provides the means to do so via standard Apple frameworks, so perhaps there is something going on there.
I would suggest first exporting the project to the Files app on the device, and then from the Files app, try exporting to OneDrive and see if that works.

Kind Regards,

George Brown

Just wondering if anyone else has this issue? I tried from the files app and got the same message. Any ideas?