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Fail upload Images?

i try several times on different PC uploading 170 images. The upload starts but the percent value behind the image goes from example from 70% back to 1%.??. after a while i get a upload error

what can i do or make wrong?

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Dear Patrick,

Do you mind to share a bit more information with us? I would be interested to know:

  • Which browser are you using? 

  • What were the images failing to upload? (random, always the same, JPG, TIFF)

  • Are all files failing, half, or a dozen?

  • What is the status after you reload the page? Do you have some images listed in your project files view?

  • Did you always try at the same time or during an extended period? (like an evening and the day after in the morning)

  • Did you try to click “Retry” after the upload files

Of course, my first culprit would be an unstable internet connection, but let’s not stop to that and dig a bit further to see if we can improve your situation. The upload going back from 70% to 1% is probably due to the following:

  1. we upload the image by parts

  2. some of the parts fail to upload because of an issues. We retry a few time (but it should already feel very slow for you at this point)

  3. at some point, we stop trying and state we cannot upload this file possibly because of an internet issue, so back to 1%. We offer the possibility to retry (so that you can resume after an internet outage for example).


Be ensured that we are putting a lot of effort in making our upload as smooth as possible, even on a slow connection.


Best regards,


Hi Olivier, i try with different Browsers and times, all fail. I try again with only 5 pictures, 2 load 3 fail again. Maybe it fail because of my slow (16k) DSL . This is not useful for me… do you offer also a FTP Upload?

Best Regards Patrick

Me again :slight_smile:

Sorry, we do not support FTP upload at the moment. I can confirm that your issue might be because of a slow Internet connection. The good news is that we might be able to improve the situation soon. A lot of our customers might face this situation one day or the other so this is important for us.

Today, we upload multiple files in parallel in order to be faster. The downside is that, on a slower internet connection, this is causing many upload failure (because of network contention). As we don’t want to compromise upload speed on a fast network connection, the solution for us would be to find a way to determine the bandwidth of our users. Luckily, there is now an official specification for a browser to describe the quality of the network.

Do you mind to proceed to a little test for us? The goal would be to evaluate if the API would give us meaningful results for your connection.

In order to help us, take the following actions:

  1. Open Google Chrome browser (at this point, only recent version of Chrome implement the API)
  2. Navigate to This page will display the information that your browser share on your current network connection
  3. Copy and paste the text from this page and post it here (or send it to us)

By doing so you will help us evaluate if we can use this API to improve the upload experience of our users on slower internet connection. No information will be sent to us but the one you will manually copy.

Thanks a lot!


This is a sample output from the link in my previous comment:

Dear Olivier, this is the result from the Test :

I do some test with Dronedeploy , with this i can upload my images without any problems , i takes ~2h


Best Regards Patrick

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I think if you upload only single images it will be better for slow DSL

Absolutely, thank you for helping us. Stay tuned for improvement on the upload.

Best regards,


Ok, how long it takes you implement this new feature? works only with Chrome about the necessary API ?

Best Regards Patrick

I am also having this issue @Oliver - first set of images reach ~40% complete and then restart. I can upload using DroneDeploy no worries.

Also using latest Chrome on Windows 10 Pro.

Is this an Internet issue too do you think?


Hi Matt,

Thank you for sharing!

Well, I think this is an internet issue that we should handle better on our side, to be fair :slight_smile:

One thing some of our competitors are doing is downsizing the images in order to make the upload faster and more reliable. That is a road that we don’t plan to take as we want to keep your assets at their original quality.

We will work on some improvement this week(not sure the API discussed above is reliable enough), let’s see how it improves the situation. I will post here once released. It would be fantastic if you can give it another try afterward.

Have a nice week,


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Hi Oliver.

Is there any update? I am trying desperately to evaluate this software, but so far I cannot upload anything to cloud. And as of yesterday my Desktop application has stopped running altogether on Win10 (I can run it on an Azure Win7 machine). 

It’s starting to look like Pix4D is not for me. :frowning:


Hi Matt, 

Olivier will be able to tell you more about the Cloud uploader, but I’m commenting regarding the issues you have on the desktop software.

Would you mind creating a new post in the Processing topic of the community that describes the problems you face on the desktop installation? So we can address these :slight_smile:

EDIT: Found your post! Will have a look. 

Hi Matt,

Can you have a look at this custom build to see if it improves your cloud upload experience?

Basically, it is a build where all upload optimizations have been disabled. Please note that this might be quite slow on a fast internet connection. The goal of this build is to help us investigating upload issues.

If you can describe precisely what happens, it will also help us to fix your specific issue. I would be interested to know about the number of files that failed to upload VS the number of files, what happens if you click the Retry button and so on. Also, if you know how to access the log of your browser, I would be interested to know what is written down there.

Thank you for helping us improve the product.

Best regards,


Hi Oliver.

The new build appears to work fine. All images are uploading fine, sequentially. Seems to be a similar rate to DD for uploads.

On the main prod build my files get to ~40% and then fail. I haven’t been able to successfully upload ANY files to Cloud P4D since starting this trial. 0/109 files were uploaded on last attempt for example.

Retry simply fails along the same lines. I will have another trial of the prod system and see if I can send you a browser log. This won’t be until Monday though, as I am working on some other jobs and have had to use Agisoft due to this Cloud issue and the desktop issue in my other thread.

I’ll be back in touch soon. Thanks for the support!


Hi Olivier, i try fail Safe Upload and it works with slow internet connections!


Hi Matt, Patrick,

They are good news for my Monday morning, thank you for sharing!

You can safely use this build until I find a way to reliably determine the connection speed to adapt our upload strategy.



Hi Olivier, a easy solution is add a menu to choose the amount of pictures simultaneous uploaded by the user.


Dear Patrick, Matt,

We have just released a new version with major improvements regarding the reliability of the uploads. You can read the details in the release notes.

I would be happy to know how it is going for you now.

Hello Pix4D support,

I am seeing the issue described above.  Trying to upload files 1 at a time, each 7MB. 

After around 15 attempts over 4 hours, I have only 2 files successfully uploaded.  Usually the upload gets to around 60% before resetting to 0%.  After doing this maybe 5 times, the status becomes Fail.

My connection speed is relatively slow, but I do successfully upload a 7MB image to Adobe Lightroom in about 10 minutes.

I see the notes on the new version which claims to have fixed the issue, but it still does not seem to work for me.

API shown below:

Thanks and best regards,

Philip Harvey