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Export reflectance map as google tiles?

Has anyone been able to export the NDVI reflectance map as google tiles?

I’m also trying to read the .tiff and .tfw files with ArcGIS Explorer and it only produces black blocks on the map…

From this screen, there is no export to google tiles?

Dear Hein,

There is a hard limit as to how large a JPG file can be. In version 2.1, if this limit is exceeded, the GeoJPG is not produced (silently). In version 2.2. a warning is produced. If the GeoJPG is not produced, the Google tiles are also not produced. We can recommend adding a region to reduce the size of the export: the GeoJPG and the Google tiles should then be produced.

Have you tried opening the Geotiff in QGIS? QGIS typically does not have issues opening large tiffs, while other software might have limitations.

Best regards,

Thanks Marc, I’ve re-run the entire project, this time I’ve selected a 1.8ha area and generated the reflectance map and red index. I’ve then clicked export but I still do not have KML or JPGs. I’m going to upgrade to 2.2.19 Preview and try again.